We now have a total of fifty chickens. We  kept up with their names when we only had  25 (hatched May 1, 2009) but with the new girls (hatched September 25th, 2010), with 49 females and one young rooster, it just became too much to keep them straight. Yes, we now have a rooster. The hatchery we use, www.McMurrayHatchery.com, guarantees 90% of your order will be females, if that is what you order, but somehow one guy slipped through – any thoughts for his name?
I would highly recommend McMurray Hatchery, both orders for day old chicks were robust and healthy and we have been very pleased with them. A chicken hawk would agree with that as he had one for lunch last Spring.

The chicks haven’t thought much of our Christmas Day snow or the freezing weather. They are currently kept in two different pens so the older girls won’t peck the quickly growing youngsters.  The pens are side by side so they can become acquainted and as Spring nears we will combine them.

Egg production is virtually non-existent. The older girls are molting and the youngster will not start laying until the are six months old – around April 1, 2011. We will keep you posted – pictures to follow!

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