Diastole Alpaca Farm will be joining Pilot Mountain Llamas (booth number 23) for Earth Day this Saturday, April 23
We will be selling our pasture raised eggs, our recently shorn alpaca fleece and our “other” alpaca product – PacaPoo.

Yes PacaPoo – Sandy has been hard at work packing jars of ground alpaca poop. We have long used the fabulous alpaca poop for feeding our plants – inside and outside. It can be sprinkled around plants and watered into the soil as well as added to warm/hot water, then steeped for 24 hours to make a great “tea” for feeding plants. We use diatomaceous earth for parasite and fly control on the farm so the PacaPoo is so much safer than the chemical laden fertilizers you so often buy.

Diastole Alpaca Farm is host to 15 -20 groups per year that come to learn about alpacas and visit with them and our flock of chickens. Your purchases help support us with the info packages and samples that we provide. Tours are at no charge and are open to all – from grade school to Senior groups. Give us a call to arrange a visit. 057wsm Jan 2016 jpegh

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