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Sandy is letting some of the girls know that people will be coming to admire them after all. They are rather on the “Hoochie” side when they don’t have things just like they want. They didn’t think too highly of our cancellation and definitely didn’t like the 5 inches of snow and ice!

The good news is that we have managed to coordinate with our friends at Brandon Hills Vineyard and Pilot Mountain Llamas and have rescheduled our Outing for February 6th – 10:00 until 4:00. Long range weather looks favorable.

We are really looking forward to a great day with many of our long time friends as well as so many of you that saw our recent article in January’s “Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine”. We would, again, like to thank them for the great article (with a touch of humor) “ALPACA EMPIRE”. This is a great magazine that we have subscribed to for the past three – four years. It is the one that we always go through cover to cover. How often we see an article about people, places and events in our own hometown that we knew nothing about. It is not one that sets in a pile and gets tossed three months later with out ever being opened. Thanks to Kathy Norcross Watts for writing the article, J. Sinclair for the photography (and an especially good time – even when “Katherine”, the cover girl on the magazine, gave him a big smooch on the camera lens, Angie Tedder and their most creative editor – Michael Breedlove. www.WinstonSalemMonthly.com

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