Garnet in the 2009 Snow

Garnet in the 2009 Snow

Well, I guess two out of three is not a bad average for snow and sleet in January. We have well topped our previous WINTER OUTING weather with this storm. We had one other outing that was, if not snowed completely out, kept most people off the road – nothing compared to what we have now and tomorrow with ? storm. (I refuse to give in to the naming of winter storms – actually I don’t remember the name.)

Sandy and I will be here, of course, we live here. But we are calling off our Winter Outing for tomorrow, Saturday, January 23. It is not safe to be out traveling and the alpacas are choosing to stay in the barns. They are not interested in visitors today. The photo I attached is from a previous snow after the sun came out and the alpacas were enjoying running through the snow. That may come Sunday, our scheduled rain/snow back-up date.

We hope to be open Sunday, January 24th, if weather permits, and are always happy to have visitors out to meet the alpacas – and the chickens. We still have a stock of beautiful, warm, alpaca socks, scarves, throws, and fleece – raw fleece and rovings. Our friends will be here from Brandon Hills Vineyard and Pilot Mountain Llamas – again, if the weather permits.

Primarily, be safe. We thank all of you for your support through these past eight years and are looking forward to having you back to visit – just give me a call – Jim Morris 336-775-7303

P.S. I would like to thank Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine for the great article they had on the farm in their January edition. I have heard from so many new friends that first heard of us from the article. We hope to hear from more of you and schedule a visit to meet the alpacas!

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