20120212-110158.jpg20120215-203812.jpgOur 6th Annual Winter Outing


Just Around the Corner

We look forward to this time together each year, always with a close eye of the weather. On a beautiful winter day, clear and temps in the 50s, we have a great time showing friends, old and new, around the farm. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will shoot for Sunday, January 24th. Of course we are generally around – just give me a call 336-775-7303.

 Pam and Dave Blackwell of Brandon Hills Vineyard http://www.brandonhillsvineyard.com will be offering their wonderful wine tastings, Ann and Dale Potter of Pilot Mountain Lamas http://www.pilotmountainlamas.com will be joining us with their beautiful yarns with Ann amazing young and old with her spinning demonstrations.

Why January? Early on here at the farm we were told by those with spinning, knitting and weaving expertise that January was a most popular month of them to acquire fleece and yarn. Their Holiday projects are complete and the weather generally prevents them from starting outdoor activities. A perfect time to organize their projects and acquire their materials for the coming year. Also, there isn’t much going on in late January and it is great to get out to the country, have a glass of wine and learn a little about what has been happening here at the farm.

This year, as December felt more like September, our usual  holiday sales were slow. It seems that sandals were more popular gifts than warm, soft, luxurious alpaca socks, scarves, throws etc. We will be offering all Diastole alpaca products at 15% off for the Winter Outing. We have over stock from the Holidays and don’t need to have socks in stock when we should have lime and fertilizer in the hay fields and pasture. It’s never boring around here.

WS Monthly 0116

We have a very nice article in January’s Winston-Salem Monthly. Published by the Winston-Salem Journal, it is a great magazine highlighting people, places and events in the local area. We have been fans for the past three years and learn something new about our hometown in every issue. It is available at Barnes & Nobles, Camel City News and at the Journal’s front desk on Spruce Street between 4th and 5th street. You can’t miss it, our girl, “Katherine”, is the “Cover Girl”. The photo was taken as she was preparing to give the photographer, J. Sinclair, a big smooch – right on the lens of his camera. J. had to clean the lens several times. He was a real hit in the pasture – a great guy! Also, Thanks to the delightful Kathy Norcross Watts for putting together the article. “Alpaca Empire” – was a kind touch.


 Thank you to all – Jim Morris

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