Diastole Alpaca Farm was started in 2007 on 17 acres of land in central North Carolina that has been in the Morris family for nearly 250 years. There had been many uses for the land over that time period but September, 2007 was the first time an alpaca ever roamed the land. We began with five adult males, five adult females, one with a three month old cria (baby) and the other four due to deliver in the coming three months.

As 2010 begins, Diastole is home to 22 Huacaya alpacas, 25 chickens, 4 livestock guardian dogs as well as 5 “house” dogs and Bill – the cat. Jim and Sandy Morris are the care takers and guardians of this menagerie.

Jim and Sandy Morris
Diastole Alpaca Farm, LLC
2651 Morris Meadow Lane
Walkertown, NC 27051

tel: 336 775 7303


2 Responses to “Welcome to the Farm”

  1. Jan Roy says:

    Hi Jim and Sandy, Admiring your site (so complete, what a job) and Jim and I are so excited to come see you. This is like a little taste of what we will experience.

  2. Melanie Todd says:

    Hello Mr. Morris. My name is Melanie and I just spoke with you about getting my 3 alpacas sheered. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. I feel so bad for the animals and I cannot get anyone to call me back. Even if you don’t find anyone to help me I really appreciate your help.

    Melanie Todd

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