Diastole Alpaca Farm will be joining Pilot Mountain Llamas (booth number 23) for Earth Day this Saturday, April 23
We will be selling our pasture raised eggs, our recently shorn alpaca fleece and our “other” alpaca product – PacaPoo.

Yes PacaPoo – Sandy has been hard at work packing jars of ground alpaca poop. We have long used the fabulous alpaca poop for feeding our plants – inside and outside. It can be sprinkled around plants and watered into the soil as well as added to warm/hot water, then steeped for 24 hours to make a great “tea” for feeding plants. We use diatomaceous earth for parasite and fly control on the farm so the PacaPoo is so much safer than the chemical laden fertilizers you so often buy.

Diastole Alpaca Farm is host to 15 -20 groups per year that come to learn about alpacas and visit with them and our flock of chickens. Your purchases help support us with the info packages and samples that we provide. Tours are at no charge and are open to all – from grade school to Senior groups. Give us a call to arrange a visit. 057wsm Jan 2016 jpegh

057wsm Jan 2016 jpegh

Sandy is letting some of the girls know that people will be coming to admire them after all. They are rather on the “Hoochie” side when they don’t have things just like they want. They didn’t think too highly of our cancellation and definitely didn’t like the 5 inches of snow and ice!

The good news is that we have managed to coordinate with our friends at Brandon Hills Vineyard and Pilot Mountain Llamas and have rescheduled our Outing for February 6th – 10:00 until 4:00. Long range weather looks favorable.

We are really looking forward to a great day with many of our long time friends as well as so many of you that saw our recent article in January’s “Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine”. We would, again, like to thank them for the great article (with a touch of humor) “ALPACA EMPIRE”. This is a great magazine that we have subscribed to for the past three – four years. It is the one that we always go through cover to cover. How often we see an article about people, places and events in our own hometown that we knew nothing about. It is not one that sets in a pile and gets tossed three months later with out ever being opened. Thanks to Kathy Norcross Watts for writing the article, J. Sinclair for the photography (and an especially good time – even when “Katherine”, the cover girl on the magazine, gave him a big smooch on the camera lens, Angie Tedder and their most creative editor – Michael Breedlove. www.WinstonSalemMonthly.com

Jim on January 23rd, 2016

Making the second to the last round of the barns for today (still have 8:00 PM chicken lock up). We have 5-6 inches of ice and snow everywhere and, at best, we would have an incredible mess with the ice and mush here on the farm – not to mention driving down Morris Meadow Lane. I have talked with many of you that saw our article in Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine and are very interested in visiting an alpaca farm. We are available most days with a little notice – call me at 336-775-7303 just to confirm that Sandy or I will be available to show you around.

If I haven’t mentioned it, be sure to check out the website for Carolina Alpaca Breeder’s Association’s (CABO) annual show – the Carolina Alpaca Celebration. This is a fantastic show that will be at the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, N.C. (just North of Charlotte) February 13 and 14th. It is one of the largest shows in the country (no admission fee) and is a must attend if you are interested in alpacas. Check it out!

Remember, give me a call and stop by for a visit.

Jim Morris, Diastole Alpaca Farm, LLC

Jim on January 22nd, 2016
Garnet in the 2009 Snow

Garnet in the 2009 Snow

Well, I guess two out of three is not a bad average for snow and sleet in January. We have well topped our previous WINTER OUTING weather with this storm. We had one other outing that was, if not snowed completely out, kept most people off the road – nothing compared to what we have now and tomorrow with ? storm. (I refuse to give in to the naming of winter storms – actually I don’t remember the name.)

Sandy and I will be here, of course, we live here. But we are calling off our Winter Outing for tomorrow, Saturday, January 23. It is not safe to be out traveling and the alpacas are choosing to stay in the barns. They are not interested in visitors today. The photo I attached is from a previous snow after the sun came out and the alpacas were enjoying running through the snow. That may come Sunday, our scheduled rain/snow back-up date.

We hope to be open Sunday, January 24th, if weather permits, and are always happy to have visitors out to meet the alpacas – and the chickens. We still have a stock of beautiful, warm, alpaca socks, scarves, throws, and fleece – raw fleece and rovings. Our friends will be here from Brandon Hills Vineyard and Pilot Mountain Llamas – again, if the weather permits.

Primarily, be safe. We thank all of you for your support through these past eight years and are looking forward to having you back to visit – just give me a call – Jim Morris 336-775-7303

P.S. I would like to thank Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine for the great article they had on the farm in their January edition. I have heard from so many new friends that first heard of us from the article. We hope to hear from more of you and schedule a visit to meet the alpacas!

20120212-110158.jpg20120215-203812.jpgOur 6th Annual Winter Outing


Just Around the Corner

We look forward to this time together each year, always with a close eye of the weather. On a beautiful winter day, clear and temps in the 50s, we have a great time showing friends, old and new, around the farm. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will shoot for Sunday, January 24th. Of course we are generally around – just give me a call 336-775-7303.

 Pam and Dave Blackwell of Brandon Hills Vineyard http://www.brandonhillsvineyard.com will be offering their wonderful wine tastings, Ann and Dale Potter of Pilot Mountain Lamas http://www.pilotmountainlamas.com will be joining us with their beautiful yarns with Ann amazing young and old with her spinning demonstrations.

Why January? Early on here at the farm we were told by those with spinning, knitting and weaving expertise that January was a most popular month of them to acquire fleece and yarn. Their Holiday projects are complete and the weather generally prevents them from starting outdoor activities. A perfect time to organize their projects and acquire their materials for the coming year. Also, there isn’t much going on in late January and it is great to get out to the country, have a glass of wine and learn a little about what has been happening here at the farm.

This year, as December felt more like September, our usual  holiday sales were slow. It seems that sandals were more popular gifts than warm, soft, luxurious alpaca socks, scarves, throws etc. We will be offering all Diastole alpaca products at 15% off for the Winter Outing. We have over stock from the Holidays and don’t need to have socks in stock when we should have lime and fertilizer in the hay fields and pasture. It’s never boring around here.

WS Monthly 0116

We have a very nice article in January’s Winston-Salem Monthly. Published by the Winston-Salem Journal, it is a great magazine highlighting people, places and events in the local area. We have been fans for the past three years and learn something new about our hometown in every issue. It is available at Barnes & Nobles, Camel City News and at the Journal’s front desk on Spruce Street between 4th and 5th street. You can’t miss it, our girl, “Katherine”, is the “Cover Girl”. The photo was taken as she was preparing to give the photographer, J. Sinclair, a big smooch – right on the lens of his camera. J. had to clean the lens several times. He was a real hit in the pasture – a great guy! Also, Thanks to the delightful Kathy Norcross Watts for putting together the article. “Alpaca Empire” – was a kind touch.


 Thank you to all – Jim Morris

Jim on November 18th, 2015


We invite you to join us for your holiday shopping again this year. We will have scheduled hours, from 10:00 until 4:00, Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving and each Saturday until Christmas.  As always, we are generally available with a call to be sure we are around – 336-775-7303.

We now have a large collection of alpaca products from our co-op, AFCNA – Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America. America’s Alpaca – American Made American Raised, last year was our first year offering the socks – the EXTREME ALPACA SOCKS were very well received. It appears we will have a good supply this year – last year the co-op had to really scramble to keep up with the demand. The EXREME is a great winter time sock – thick, soft and very comfortable.

We will continue to carry our dress, therapeutic, hiking and yoga socks from Peru along with great gifts of super fine baby alpaca scarves, throws, hats, gloves etc.


Diastole Alpaca Farm, Brandon Hills Vineyard and Pilot Mountain Llamas are celebrating our 5th Winter Outing this Saturday. Diastole will be offering our stock at 20% off – (our Holiday Sales were “dampened” by cold, windy, raining weekends in December). We have lots of stock that we don’t want to be on our shelves this spring and summer. We now have a selection of wonderful socks from our American fiber co-op – raised and made here in the USA. We also have our very popular alpaca throws, scarves, sweaters and gloves that are made in Peru.

We will be offering very special pricing on our fleece, raw, rovings and batts. We have a king size comforter manufactured with our fleece by Zeilinger Woolen Mills. A very luxurious piece waiting for just the right couple.

We have had a wonderful year hosting school groups and meeting so many students, teachers and parents. Many of the art groups have worked with our fleece in felting projects. They have been a great pleasure, see me Saturday for additional fiber.

Brandon Hills Vineyard will again be offering wine tastings of their great wines that many of you have enjoyed for the past four Winter Outings. Pam and David are returning from a great RV vacation in New Zealand. Can’t wait to hear how that wonderful trip went – with a glass of their Raptor Red.

Ann Potter will once again be coming down the mountain with her spinning wheel and demonstrating how the fleece goes from the critters to finished products. Ann will have a limited supply of her goods – she sold out at Whimsical Women back in the fall. She is amazing – she makes spinning, knitting and weaving look so easy. (It wasn’t for me.)

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday – or Sunday if the weather is bad. Of course, give me a call anytime and we can set up a time to visit and get to know an alpaca.

New to the farm? Go to “About the Farm – Directions” for a Goggle map and directions to the farm – we are on the Winston side of Walkertown off Highway 311 (New Walkertown Road).

Enjoy – Jim


Jim on December 31st, 2014


Rain Date will be Sunday, February 1, 2015
This will be the Fifth Annual Winter Outing for Diastole Alpaca Farm, Brandon Hills Vineyard, and Pilot Mountain Llama. We are waiting to confirm dates with some of our other friends. More to come….

Jim on November 24th, 2014


Hi, I’m Mo’ne
Come by to see me and my new brother and sisters here on the farm. Brandon Hills Vineyard will be offering wine tastings (I’m too young to drink anything but milk or water) and Mom and Dad have made some very tasty HOT pepper jelly – again, I’m too young.

Have a relaxing time and you might find just the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family. Socks, scarves, throws and beautiful fiber from the gang here as well as some cousins down South – way down South.  They will be open from 10:00 until 4:00 on Saturday, December 6th. Looking forward to seeing you! When you see the gang you can’t miss me – I’m the cutest cria.

Sandy on April 18th, 2014

We had perfect weather and wonderful help. This was an excellent day. Some new people joined us this year, friends of friends, and they were great. We thank each and every one of you. Shearing is hard work and we truly appreciate all your support. PLUS, it was fun! Thank you all so very much.